The House With Only An Attic And A Basement

May 2018

The House With Only An Attic And A Basement

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Penguin Modern Poets

Penguin, 2017

Penguin Modern Poets 5

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God Loves You

Seren, 2013

God Loves You by Kathryn Maris

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Traverse Poetry Cards

Stonewood Press

Traverse Poetry Cards

Kathryn is one of the poets included in Traverse Poetry Trading Card Pack volume one

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The Book of Jobs

Four Way Books, 2006

The Book of Jobs by Kathryn Maris

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Kathryn’s work has also appeared in:

Writing Motherhood

The Anthology of Motherhood

The Forward Book of Poetry 2017

The Best British Poetry 2015

The Best British Poetry 2012

Best Friends Forever

Women’s Work

The Poet’s Quest for God

Oxford Poets 2010: An Anthology

The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation